A game-changing business management platform

Business performance and distributed decision support

The overall performance of an organisation rests on one key reality: all parts of an organisation must be involved. Whether it's large departments, systems or individuals, all have a role to play.

To achieve business goals, people across the entire organisation, at all levels, make decisions every single day that contribute to overall performance. All these decisions – large or small – and all these people matter.

What is a decision, when you break it down? A decision is a choice about a course of action. And making the right decision requires an awareness of what is happening at that exact time in the business – context.

Getting all these decisions right is not always straightforward. Businesses need clear, distributed decision-support mechanisms to perform at the highest level.

This is how ThoughtWeb helps you manage business performance. It provides distributed decision support – context, awareness – that allows the decision-making processes of your organisation, and all individuals within it, to be aligned in a way that will deliver the best possible performance in any given circumstance.

Everything is connected

In business, everything is connected: people, processes, organisational structure, information, experience.


These connections shape your organisation: what it does, how it operates, where it can improve, and how it can change.

The skill is to know which connections matter and how best to use them.

ThoughtWeb allows you to map every aspect of your business, identify who is accountable for each of them and define the connections between them.

You can map the business as it currently operates, or as you want it to operate in the future.

Once you have created the business map, you can identify the knowledge you need to turn the model into a living business solution, through dashboards, reporting, notifications and collaboration.

You can form new teams, assign new tasks, and delegate actions and responsibilities, as the need arises.

SIPRA continuous state assessment

Once your solution is in place, ThoughtWeb’s algorithm, SIPRA, measures overall business performance and continuously measures the performance of each aspect of your business against your goals, telling you what is significant and what to do next.

SIPRA gives each person their own view of their responsibilities and priorities, as well as an organisation-wide perspective, so everyone understands how their tasks and actions contribute to the goals of the organisation.

Work on the business and work in the business

Now you have a living system that accurately reflects how your business really works, with all events, actions, knowledge and experience flowing through it.
You can manage the performance of all or part of the business at any time, from top to bottom.

Every aspect of your business is assigned to an accountable person.

Each person has their own view of performance and priorities.

Executives and teams can see what’s important and what needs attention, and how this relates to the people and systems involved.

ThoughtWeb lets you meet the future of your business.

Performance measurement made easy

ThoughtWeb gives you lines of sight across your entire organisation, so you can see how any aspect of your business is performing, communicate with the relevant people and agree on actions to resolve any issues.

At any point in time, all performance indicators can be rolled into a single index that represents overall, or sectional, performance – all based on your own definitions of performance and metrics.


Fostering excellence in every corner of your business

ThoughtWeb promotes accountability and transparency by aligning people with their responsibilities, colleagues, external teams, goals and strategy. It brings your entire organisation together as a cohesive whole, helping to ensure the future of your business.

ThoughtWeb is, quite simply, a game changer.

The ThoughtWeb platform

Rapid business modelling framework Rapidly develop fully functioning solutions
Walk through different versions of your business model before you finalise the design
Supports any management framework and organisational structure Model your current business, or your desired state
Allows you to integrate professional judgements with business data Include management assessments within the business model
Gives access to corporate knowledge when and where it is needed Benefit from others' past experience in a role
Integrated collaboration and reporting through ThoughtWeb workspace Messages become part of the business model
Contextual dashboards, messages and alerts Ensure alignment and contextual awareness of everyone involved
Ability to enter data directly into the operational model Enter values not captured in operational systems
Derive new data values from multiple sources
SIPRA Continuous State Assessment Monitor the state of the business or any component, using dimensions you define
Accountability assigned to each aspect of the solutionDetermine accountability by business need, not the organisational chart
Priorities assessed in the context of the organisation and each person’s role Everyone is aware of what they need to do next
Line of sight through any part of the organisation Have visibility into how aspects of the business are performing
Locate problem spots within the organisation
Communicate with the teams responsible
Single source of aggregated truth Spend less time discovering what happened, focus more on what to do about it