Focus on the things that matter

The challenge of aligning people, processes and systems to achieve a shared goal is often undone by politics, legacy systems, limited information sources and siloed business structures.

ThoughtWeb helps you cut through all this, providing a complete framework for developing your own business management solutions for any space, in any industry.

You can rapidly map your business and define performance and accountabilities on your terms, for your needs – there are no pre-existing data models to wrestle with.

ThoughtWeb is a game-changing business management platform that enables you to move beyond constraints and do business freely.

Business people talking in meeting
Align every person and aspect of your business to common goals
Bring clarity to operational complexity
U.S. Marines from 1st Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment patrol from Expeditionary Patrol Base Dulab to a ridge along the outskirts of Dulab, Iraq, Sept. 26, 2007. The Marines are working with Iraqi police in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Shane S. Keller) (Released)
Effectively manage risk in the context of your operations and strategies

Imagine the possibilities

Imagine how connected everyone would feel if they truly understood how their work impacted others and contributed to the goals of the business – not just sporadically or at an annual review, but every single day, as part of the way they work.

Imagine the increased incentive to do better work when you know how your role fits into the bigger picture and how your actions help your teammates and the mission of the organisation.

Imagine being able to track your progress in relation to the priorities of the business, to clearly see how you’re going, and to know that your actions are transparent and accountabilities clear.

Imagine being able to access a store of corporate knowledge developed by people who were once in the same position that you're in now. 

The ThoughtWeb advantage

Gives each person a unique view of their priorities in the context of the organisation’s performance and strategy.

Aligns every aspect of your organisation with its goals.

Assigns accountability to each aspect of the business solution.

Ranks each person’s priorities based on their role and the significance of tasks to the entire organisation.

Makes everyone aware of what is going on and what it means to or for them.

Maintains corporate knowledge that everyone can use when and where they need it.

The shape of things to come

ThoughtWeb is designed to advance human potential at work by dismantling barriers and empowering individuals to do their best work in the interests of the organisation's goals. Technology is a means of enabling people to focus on what really matters and allowing them to understand what’s truly possible.

Our clients love us

"The Navy’s primary mission is to fight and win at sea … [ThoughtWeb] will play a vital role in Defence meeting this challenge.”
Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral (VADM) Tim Barrett, Australian Department of Defence
“ThoughtWeb has helped ensure transparency and visibility to senior management down through the program/project managers and teams managing 77 programs, 299 projects and 412 applications.”
Project Sponsor, JP Morgan Chase
“Used to present a shared and dynamic view of risk to Navy and our own business units, [ThoughtWeb] captures key data and provides visibility of sustained risk reduction activity relating to achieving capability outcomes.”
Rear Admiral Adam Grunsell, Head of Maritime Systems, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Australian Department of Defence
“ThoughtWeb alerts us to situations before they become issues.’’
John Whitley, Programs Manager, Sandia National Laboratories, US Department of Energy
“[There has been] an increase in the speed and quality of decision-making processes of up to 80% through the application of ThoughtWeb in simulated battle conditions.”
Dr Ian Chessell, Chief Defence Scientist, Defence Science and Technology Group, Australian Department of Defence