Opening up the lines of communication

The challenge

The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) acquires and maintains equipment and supplies for the Australian Navy. Inadequate information sharing between CASG and its clients was having a significant negative impact on operations. Our partner helped the group use a ThoughtWeb solution to address this problem.

The solution

The Interdependent Mission Management System (IMMS) provides a collaborative environment within which equipment acquisition and maintenance is co-managed by CASG, its suppliers and the Navy. This includes managing risks and service levels through shared accountabilities, decision-making and obligations.

The outcome

The IMMS has helped build mutual trust between all parties, has contributed to a ‘decision repository’ for mission management, has improved understanding of shared issues, and has reduced lead times to treat risks. Operational ‘blind spots’ – information known to one organisation but not to others – have been minimised.