Context-based equipment scheduling and maintenance

The challenge

This organisation acquires and maintains high-performance equipment for a closely aligned network of large-scale users. Stakeholders rely heavily on regular maintenance reports that track the status of every equipment item. The previous reporting system used multiple spreadsheets and there was little uniformity, process control or collaboration. Reports were late and inadequate, which often caused delays in equipment availability.

The solution

Our partner was engaged to develop an agile and collaborative reporting solution using the ThoughtWeb platform.

The new reporting system provides a web-based domain where all aspects of equipment maintenance are visible and all accountabilities clear. It delivers knowledge to each user group in the context of individual needs and priorities. It also highlights areas that need special attention well before they start impacting group performance.

The outcome

The new system has introduced high levels of reliability and consistency into the supply and maintenance facility. It has reduced costs and delivery times, and has streamlined processes and overheads.