Finding the perfect match at every level

The challenge

A placement agency had a team of consultants filling short-term job requests at short notice. Candidate information was fragmented and incomplete, so consultants relied on candidates they knew to fill requests. This forced under-utilised candidates to find work through other agencies. The lack of a central repository also made it hard for candidates to update their skill sets and availability preferences.

The solution

The solution for this company was the development of a customised business application called Talent on Demand.

While on the phone with a client, consultants enter job details into Talent on Demand, which then searches a central skills registry to match a job with candidate profiles. These are displayed as a prioritised list.

Consultants make suitable candidates aware of the job by SMS. Candidates register their interest by return SMS, enabling consultants to quickly fill a request.

The outcome

The result has been a streamlined process for quickly matching candidates to jobs. Placements that previously took days can now be completed in less than two hours.

Service levels to both clients and candidates have greatly improved.